Beamtime allocation process

1.   Visit CANAM User Portal, (registration obligatory), create and submit an experiment proposal to the appropriate laboratoratory and instrument.

      The proposal will be assessed for its feasibility, and then by our Scientific Selection Panel for its scientific merit.

      There are no deadlines for the proposal submission, the evaluation is done continuously.













2.   You will be notified by email if the proposal is approved or not.


3.   In case the proposal is approved, NPI Instrument Responsible scientist will allocate the beam time.


4.  Proposer will be informed about allocated beam time by email.


5.   If you prefer to participate at the experiment personally, please contact the User Office to discuss details of your visit.

Before arrival step-by-step guide

Dear visitor,

We are very glad that you have decided to visit NPI and carry out your experiment at our CANAM infrastructure. We prepared few helpful tips for you to make your stay in here as comfortable as possible.

We are looking forward to your arrival,


CANAM User Office


To obtain the badge, please fill-in the CANAM registration and send it to User Office. We kindly recommend sending the registration one week before the date of arrival. Your badge will be ready for you upon arrival at the reception.



NPI does not provide any insurance for external visitors, we recommend to arrange own health and risk insurance.



If needed, contact User Office when Invitation Letter is needed.



Do not forget your passport or ID card to prove your identity.


Safety instructions

In case you intend to work in the controlled area in any of NPI laboratories, you have to be instructed by responsible person about safety measures and how to behave in the controlled area. Please see the NPI Health and Safety Policy.


Radiological monitoring

Each visitor is monitored by a dosimeter in controlled area. You will be informed about recived dose on your request.


Accommodation at NPI Guesthouse

Together with your registration you can submit a request for an accommodation in NPI guesthouse. Please note that capacity of the guesthouse is limited, therefore book your room as early as possible.

- Located within the NPI complex

- 300 CZK per night and person

- Payment at the NPI cash desk (Mo-Thu 12-13, Fri 8-9)



Please return the badge to security staff at reception when ending your visit.


Do not hesitate to contact User Office if you have any additional questions.